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Ibagué, cultural and gastronomic destination of Colombia

Ibagué, the Musical Capital of Colombia, noted for its music, dances, artistic expressions and gastronomy, has become an interesting national and international tourist destination. This is due to its strategic geographic location in the heart of the country, its climate, accessibility and, of course, the work and effort carried out by ordinary citizens, the municipal administration, businessmen and merchants with the support of Fenalco Tolima, in making this city an interesting place to visit.

The city has a wide gastronomic offer, ranging from the native dishes of the region, typical national and international foods, and other Mediterranean dishes, fish, to the finest cuts of meat. And the best, at quite affordable prices for all types of public.

The city has nearly 1,600 restaurants; of which approximately

50 are located within Zone G; The Secretary of Culture of the Mayor's Office of Ibagué, named three Orange Development Areas (DNA Zones), which are geographically delimited spaces within the city, which integrate different actors and specific spaces.

These are: DNA Creasur zone, cradle of art and culture; ADN Capital Musical area, home to the most representative heritage assets of the city; and the ADN G zone, the most important gastronomic circuit in the city, a favorite place for Ibaguereños and visitors to enjoy a good meal due to the variety that allows finding options for all tastes. The foregoing, together with good customer service and quality products, make visiting Ibagué a complete and pleasant experience that promotes the city as a tourist attraction.

All of this has been possible thanks to the synergistic work of Fenalco Tolima with other entities, such as the municipal Ministry of Culture, with whom important free training processes have been led in customer service and other important aspects aimed at merchants in the areas DNA. As well as the creation of the “Ibagué serves you well” campaign, through which the city has been offered as a benchmark in good service. A whole battery of solutions and benefits, which promote their access to the market, competition, and economic and cultural development in the city.

In addition to the good customer service and the gastronomic offer, there is the cultural offer that gives value to the title of "Musical Capital", with a wide variety of events that suit all tastes, such as the Colombian Music Festival, Ibagué City Rock, Ibagué Festival, the Disonarte Platform, Tolijazz, among other important festivals of hip hop, percussion, punk and even religious music, which take place throughout the year.

According to Diana María Londoño, Secretary of Culture of Ibagué, “Ibagué has been taking on great cultural relevance at a national and international level. This is the beginning of a long road that can be achieved thanks to the support and joint work with entities as important as Fenalco. Working for our city is not a simple selfless act, on the contrary, it shows the appropriation that is had for it, ”she said.

In this way, we work daily on strategies that promote the comprehensive development of commerce, which, in addition to benefiting merchants and businessmen, ends up contributing to the positioning of Ibagué as a cultural and gastronomic destination, encouraging everyone who comes to the country Do not leave without first passing through Ibagué to enjoy its emblematic gastronomy and enjoy its artistic and cultural expressions.

“Ibagué is without a doubt one of the most important tourist destinations in Colombia, I want to extend the invitation to Colombians and foreigners who visit the country, to pass through the city and give themselves the opportunity to enjoy each of the artistic and creative services that we have here, and to delight in the exquisite gastronomy. Our entrepreneurs and merchants are prepared to be your hosts. Expressed Cristian Gutiérrez Hernández, executive director of Fenalco Tolima.

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